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Think you know sports? Willing to back your hunches?

FaceOff is the only sports challenge site in the world that lets you pit
your wits against your friends for a chance to win huge prizes. This new
concept in social gaming lets you challenge your real friends, with real
odds, for a chance to win real prizes. Our interactive social platform lets
the action happen before, during and after the game. And, you’re in total
control of your winnings- bank them for later, play for instant prizes or
move them to the monthly leader board for a chance to win some really big

Site Highlights:

* Challenge Opponents – select sporting event you would like to make a
challenge on and see if it is available in your market.
* Use FaceOff Chips to create a challenge on the event of your
* Play Skill-Based Games to win prizes.
* Check http://gofaceoff.com & use code
“Zonakirk” for premium package.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @FaceOffUSA and check out our
FaceOff Explainer Video to see
how it works. Real Friends ~ Real Odds ~ Real Prizes.

Thanks for giving us a try!

-The FaceOff Team