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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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From: “Mantsika Matooane”
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Subject: Cherished One

Cherished One,

My name is Mantsika Matooane an Independent Non-Executive Director, at the Security Developments and Finance Center located in South Africa. I wish to interact with you based on a confirmed discovery. A payment ready in a safety vault the owner is – Mr. Kevin Ash (Aged 53) he died in a terrible accident in a West South Africa city in 2013.

At my desk I discovered a finance policy starting at the release of such payment to a benefactor through an application as next of kin is a possible transaction. After his death, the bank has been expecting a possible beneficiary, The most reason i discussed this event personally is that our institute has exploited all possibilities in order to contact his relations and it failed.

However due to recent crises, lots of reforms occurred in the South African Finance Department. Any requisition process is disposable in a duration of (5 years) according to terms and conditions. The Bank of South Africa has approved to process release of this funds to the best possible inheritor, Failure to respond to this ultimatum involves a legal action impounding this funds as unclaimed (Meaning it would be transferred to Government Finance).

I have decided to contact you, I want you to know that I am a senior member in this office. I have all classified information linking to the successful release of this funds. I swear by the court of law to be dedicated in making sure that I send all possible documentation ready to process the approval and release of these funds.

Upon your acceptance with full co-operation, I decide the percentage gain that a total 40/100 including banking information be disclosed to you, and total 60/100 goes to me.

Please note that my conversation is private only my husband is aware,
Barr..Joseph Matooane We strongly advice you communicate first with me via my husband’s contact details. Immediately he will get in touch with me, I would be able to inform you how it could be concluded.

In brief, my concern is now your ultimate honesty, co-operation and confidentiality to ruling this transaction. I PLEDGE that this is a legitimate finance that would legally protect you from any breach of law.