Business proposal

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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When I picked up your contact, I have this interest in going through your
Profile though not enough in giving me your detailed information to Access
your capability of a cordial relationship. But after going through your
profile with due deliberation, I deem it wise to contact you directly and
seek your assistance in a business dealing that will be of mutual benefit
to both of us. Though not minding the consequence but hoping that you would
understand the complication on my side and the need for your kind
assistance. Please excuse the manner of approach. But I think it is more
convenient and discreet to contact you through this means.
I held a key position in the CONTINENTAL SECURITY COMPANY LONDON which
afforded me the privilege to acquire the right information for this
transaction.We have a customer who deposited some money with our sister
company, this customer drops his documents with me for safe keeping. This
consignment contains a total sum of US$13M.For the past four months, we
have been trying to reach the beneficiary who resides in the United States
of America but could not get him. The further trace of him proved that he
was dead last two months after a heart surgery.
With the present situation nobody is coming for the payment, I want two of
us to claim the money since I am in a position to provide for you all The
required detail and information’s to receive this money on our behalf by
claiming ownership of the fund as the next of kin so that we could move
them out of the country to your specified Overseas Bank Account for
disbursement, no member of his family knows about this dealings here as he
told me.Please, get back to me via this email address so that we can
negotiate on the terms of our partnership. Besides, I have decided to give
you 25% of the total sum after the successful transfer of this money to
your account. Please, I am trusting you will not betray the trust and
confidence I have reposed in you. I am making sure that there will not be
any loop Holes on this, everything will be taking care of.
Kindly treat this with utmost trust, and be rest assured of the safety of
your involvement. Please acknowledge receipt of this message and your
willingness to assist so that we can agree in terms and in principles. I
and family look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

Hugoh, S. Howell.