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Dear esteemed customer,

I am Mr. Brian Moynihan, the new Head authorized Fund Crediting Manager handling all foreign unpaid inheritance, compensation and contract fund. Your email is among the listed beneficiary who have not receive Their funds and also among the once who want claim your own fund. Your payment file have been open today after the World Bank Executive board meeting concerning all Unpaid inheritance and we notice that your payment have been kept pending for a very long time due to the wrong information given previously by the payment Administrative officer. The Federal Republic Nairobi kenya under the instruction of His Excellency President Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta have given order in the First Quarter Payment Approval yesterday to release all outstanding payment through our Bank and your name is among the listed approved beneficiary to receive their PART PAYMENT of US$7.5Million (seven Million And Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollar)furthermore, to be sure of whom we have contacted,The Baclays Bank of Kenya Management hereby advice that you fill and return the below listed personal details so as to enable us cross check with the one in your payment file before we commence with the release of your approval inheritance/lottery payment of US$7.5Million

First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Name:
DOB: (Date of Birth):
Mobile Phone:
Copy of your Identification: Drivers License OR International Passport:
Next of Kin Name:
Bank Name:
Account Name:
Bank Account Number:
Routing/ Swift Number:
Next of Kin:

Once you confirm your information complete we will process for the transfer. More further; You need to Fund Release Order certificate of this fund in our branch here in Baclays Bank of Kenya to enable us make the transfer immediately
the fee confirmed and you will receive your fund into your bank
account today we don’t need delay we want everything done
according to our Government instruction. The International Fund Release Order certificate of this fund will only cost you $198. We Sincerely Apologize for the delay you have encountered in trying to receive your fund, but we assure you that
those delays will never be encountered again.

Here is the payment information to make the payment through western union money transfer or money gram money transfer finally my advice to you do everything fast as you can so this fund can be transfer into your bank account today

Receiver’s Name: Joel Ike
Country: Kenya
City: Nairobi
Text Question: AA,
Text Answer: BB.
Amount: $198.00, US Dollar

As soon as the payment is received today Your fund will be transfer into your bank account because the Fund Release Order certificate is all you need to have your money in your account today. In regards to the deduction of the fee from your fund, I hereby write to inform you that the possibility of deducting any cent from the source does not exist, hence we are not obliged/permitted by the constitution to deduct any dime from the source,

The law/constitution for not deducting fees from the source was endorsed by the government in order to protect beneficiaries funds from being manipulated by individuals nor the corrupt officials of the bank. So based on the above explanation, we cannot make any deduction from the primary sum. you are advised to try everything possible as you can to send this fee today so you can pick up your first payment right now as instructed

Mr. Brian Moynihan (CEO)
Baclays Bank of Kenya
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