ATTN:Your Concept

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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ATTN:Your Concept
Your contact was given to us by one of our foreign Consultant here inN.N.P.C, even though we did not disclose to him the aim and purpose ofour request for a trusted person we can transact with.
My Dr. Ubril Yanko, I work with Mr Isiaka Abdulrazaq, Finance/AccountChief Controller with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(N.N.P.C). The department in charge of process and payment of Contractdone by both Local and Foreign Contractors in our Corporation. MyColleagues and I deliberately over invoiced a Contract Payment, eventhough the Contractor has been paid fully what is due to his Company.The deliberate over invoicing is (US$27,500,000.00). Only.
My contacting you is to ask for your assistance so that the overinvoiced Amount can be transferred to you for mutual business benefit.It is only foreign Account that can receive this over invoice becausewe must present the transfer as an outstanding balance due to theOriginal Contractor even though we must not make him ‘The Contractor’know about it.
Conclusively upon indication of your interest details of thetransaction will be made available.
Expecting your swift
Dr. Ubril Yanko