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I am Ben Mathews. I hail from Newcastle, England.I work with HSBC BANK PLC UK, a certified chartered Accountant,I know we aren’t familiar with each other, but i do have a lucrative
business proposal to share with you, which i believe would be of a great
interest to you and. I hope you will not be surprise to read my email as it’s hard to believe anything on internet nowadays but I come to you with good and genuine heart. And also apologize for this unsolicited message, I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approaching an unknown person for establishment of good business proposal.But I respectfully insist you read this message carefully before you either take a decision of proceeding or deleting my message as I am optimistic it will be successful for unimaginable financial benefit for both of us and our families,I will present you to the bank as my client’s business associates fund belonging to my late client who left 10.8 Million Great Britain Pounds Sterling
In our Bank offshore security account since last two years unclaimed and want you to stand as the beneficiary and receive the fund and keep it safe. And my objectives are to eradicate Poverty and make good standard of living by helping humanity and i want to let you know that it is real.And I will give you 50% of the total money for the assistance after you have receive the money.
For more information, kindly get back to me via contact contact email to enable me give you more discussion as I need to coordinate with you to release the funds immediately as mandated.
I will appreciate you send a contact email for further arrangement to release the funds directly to you as only succeeding next of kin to my deceased client.
Anticipate for your urgent response.
Best Regards.
Ben Mathews
Account activation Dept. (HSBC BANK PLC)
For more details contact email:-