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3 United Nations Plaza
Registry Department
New York, New York 10017, 

 Attn: Ambassador Select. OPEN LETTERTO UNICEF APPOINTED AMBASSADORS.                                               
  Greetings from UNICEF Family. On the behalf of the UnitedNations Children Fund(UNICEF) we wish to inform you that your name was in theVetted list of candidate that Mr. Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of  World Health Organization (WHO) submitted forAppointment as the UNICEF New National/Regional Ambassador as the fieldcoordinator. I am very happy to inform you that you are among the selectedperson, which the secretary general of United Nations Hon. AntónioGuterres, has assign and also the Executive Director of UNICEF Mrs. HenriettaHolsman Fore, has given her acknowledgement on your appointment as UNICEF RegionalAmbassador as Field coordinator In Central and West Africa. Below are the Benefit,Allowance, Entitlements and Salary Involved. Benefits and Entitlements.  Ambassador’s benefit for family, friendly, work-life,and diversity policies, and UNICEF is committed to maintaining a balancedgender and geographical representation. Other Benefits and entitlements include:• Annual leave• Dependency allowance• Medical and dental insurance• Pension scheme• Rental subsidy• Education grant• Home leave• Life insurance• Paid sick leave• Family leave• Family Visit• Maternity / Paternity adoption leave• Special leave  Salary and Allowance. Below is the line-up of your salary, your salary is a postadjustment salary. The post adjustment salary includes a monthly base salarymultiplier and takes into account cost-of-living factors and exchange ratefluctuation as well as inflation. Salary of $55,000.00USDHealth allowances $4,543.00USDTraveling allowance $6,321.00USD Which is sum up to $65,864,00USD that you will be receivingmonthly, besides you will be given a compensation of $50.000USD, also a goodfurnish 4 bedroom Apartment (optional if you wish to relocate to the place ofduty) and a private SUV of your choice from the United Nations. In addition tothis, you also have the mandatory right to claim any fund from any otherfinancial institution or organization, being you the beneficiary or benefactor,without any form of disagreement or controversy. Moreover, you will beable to set up a refugee camp or Orphanage home in your own residential countrywith the UN Certificate of permit that will be the issue to you. Ambassadorselects, kindly complete your registration by download the registrations forms findin the attach folder, after fill it kindly scan and sent it back, alongside witha passport photograph and any valid identification card of yourself, which willbe used for verification purpose and to process your official document, after thatwithin 7 working days all files and your official document will be ready beforeyou resume office with all benefit, allowance, and compensation to be given toyou.  

Best Regard,
Sir Anthony Lake
Registry Department,
UNICEF HouseNew-York                                                                                             ©2018 Unicef – All rights reserved.