Hope i can trust my inheritance fund with you

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear beloved friend,
I am sorry for my manner approach for the fact that we do not know.
Dear my only daughter Michelle Lexi Kendrick She died in the world trade centre  where she worked on Sept. 11 2001. I’m a 69yrs old woman living with cancer which has defiled all treatment.
Life sometimes is miserable and in some cases we do not get what we want out of life. You must be grateful to our good Lord who has blessed you with good life. As for me, I am not as lucky as you.
My doctor has just given me a bad news. I won’t be alive in the nexttwo months as a result of colon cancer.
I am one of those good ones who has passion for the orphans and the less privileged and for God to take me now means He has done what He think is the best. Can we question God? Let his will be done.
You will use my inheritance in a manner that will put smile on the faces of the orphans and the less privileged and as you do this my soul will rest in peace. But if you know you aren’t going to be trusted with my inheritance please do not bother to contact me becauseconscience is an open wound and it is only truth that can heal it.
My late husband an Iranian and a devoted Christian who denounced his Muslim faith for the love he has for me left me his unpaid contract money he executed for 2 Petroleum Corporations in the Middle East and Africa but of what use are they to a dying woman like me. I have no child to inherit this inheritance and my wicked in-laws are nothelping matters.
I pray you don’t go through what I have gone through.  Dear one, if you can be trusted with my inheritance I am ready to allow you gain access to them but you will have to build a foundation in memory of me and my beloved late husband whom I am happy to meet very, very soon in heaven.
I want to use part of the fund to purchase a land or a home for the less privileged ones there under your supervision. Contact me directly on my private email   emilykendrick5050@gmail.com

Yours Beloved,Mrs. Emily Kendrick Miller.