Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Sir| Madam

Following the Resolution of Ecowas Heads of States on the need to settle
every outstanding debt owed to foreigners in the Sub region. The Regional
body under Ecowas Heads of States General Meeting , has mandate all member
state to submit payments files from various countries, to ECOWAS MONETARY
UNION office, irrespective of the transaction. All the files from
Government establishments, Commercial Banks, Central Banks and other
Financial institutions must send these debt outstanding files for thorough
validation and payments without any further obligations to the recipient

On the foregoing, names have been received and complied from all the member
states, therefore if you receive this communication, not in error your name
was found in the list. We appreciate that you will be kind to give us us
below information, to enable us process and have your payment paid out

1. Your payment emanated from? (Country)

2. The type of Transaction?

3. Which year the payment started?

4 Which office contacted you last?

5. Amount you are suppose to receive?

6. Have you spent money in the cause of receiving your money?

7. How much did you pay and to which office?

When provide the above information, we shall endeavor to see that your
payment is processed and paid at no cost. Be free also to make further
comments regarding your past experiences.

Adams Bakary
Executive Director(DMO-WAMU)