My family and i deserve a decent life…

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

My name is Sarah Vangeel 37 years old, My priority of contacting you is to propose a business that requires a rapid implementation and i am willing to give you all the necessary information about me once trust is established between us. Due to the current president Bashar Al-Assad protests in my country Syria, many families are running for their dear lives as soldiers are killing civilians women and children.

I want to bring to your notice that I have in my possession $ 1.5 million dollar. This is money that my husband and I have saved our life as an industrialist and he have it deposited with a bank overseas before he was killed.
As a woman since my husband is dead, all I have are my two kids Michael and Jay, we deserve a decent life as I want us to grow up in a peaceful environment. I want to move to your country with my family and invest the money in accordance with the law, your advice and help. We can work together and achieve a better future for our families.

I have contacted you because i am in need of a trustworthy person who will contact the bank on my behalf as my foreign partner and ask the bank the possibility of transferring this fund to your position in your country.

I have lost all my relatives in the war, now with no brother and sister, I cannot risk my life here to avoid my family lineage. I take this opportunity because I have no alternative and other purpose to trust someone.

I will appreciate if you reply me so i can explain further:

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Vangeel