Hello Dear

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Hello Dear

Please read this mail well and reply back to me immediately, I want us to do a legal transaction business, but before we go on I want to explain myself to you, my name is Mrs. Saraka Martine. my husband is late. I am from Paris France but I nationalized in Cote D, ivories West Africa. my I am a senior bank Assistant Director in Eco bank Abidjan Cote D,ivoire West Africa. I have work in this bank for more than 25 Year’s; I started as a bank Clark before I was promoted to the Assistant director position.

Dear, l want you and me to do a legitimated transaction business and this business we are going to do involved a big amount of money and it is going to benefit you and me at last. I mean we will get a big amount of money after we finish the business. I want both of us to join hand together and do this business,

There is a transfer file amount of $5 Million, ( Five Million dollars, united state dollars ) which I discovered as an abandon unclaimed funds in my office. This money is deposited into a fixed suspense’s account in our bank for so many year, the owner and next of kin are no longer alive again, therefore, God so kind Yesterday I saw the transfer file of the money in my position, the owner of this money has death since 1992 and the transfer agreement of the money stated that any money deposited in the bank after 20 year if the owner and next of kin did not claim the money it will be for yours. So I am in position to claim the money with every prove as a bank assistant director. Nobody on this earth will question about the money because it is written in the transfer agreement that we are free to claim the money after 20 Year. So as a matter of fact and a senior bank Assistant Director I have every right and power to claim this money,

therefore I want to use my hand as a bank Assistant director and transfer this money to your account in your country next week so that I will come over there and share the money with you If you accepted to help me and receive this money in your country .I will give you 40 % of $5.Million ( Five Million dollars ) and take 60%. Once I transfer the money to your account I will come over there and share the money with you immediately. You will take 40% and I will take 60%.

But the only thing I want you to do is to provide a good bank account details where we will transfer the money and also I will change the papers of the money to your name as a receiver so that nobody in your country will question you about the money when it come into your account. So we are going to change the transfer documents of the money
to your name as the beneficiary.

Dear without wasting any time. I want you to send me your full name and your home resident address and your direct telephone line with your identification ID card. Or two copies of your photos. Dear send this information as quick as possible today so that I will tell you what you will do next to enable me credit the money in your account immediately.
I am waiting for your positive reply with your full information to proceed
ahead for the transfer.

Have a wonderful day,

Mrs. Saraka Martine Assistant Director Eco bank Abidjan Cote D ‘ivory West Africa.