Congratulations Dear Valued Customer

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “Mark J Grescovich ”

Congratulations Dear Valued Customer:

I want to assure you 100% that this transaction is not a scam and there is no risk involved because we shall guide you accordingly until you receive your payment. However, the payment of $8.2 million was awarded and approved in your name by the United Nations. This payment is a United Nation Lottery Award Promo, your name was selected among fifty other names in the lottery award draw. Right now, this payment is currently with us here in Banner Bank.

As you may know, we have programmed this payment through ATM MasterCard in your favor, bear in mind that the original copies of your ATM Cards will be delivered to your address through our courier service. We will also issue you a Four Digit Pin Number for you to access and withdraw money from your account once the cards are delivered to you. You can only withdraw a maximum of $7000, in a day at any ATM Machine close to you.

To this effect, you are advised to send us your full name, address, your cell phone number and a copy of your driver’s license for identification. As soon as we receive these information from you, we shall conclude delivery arrangement with our courier service to enable them dispatch the package to your address within 24 hours without anymore delay.

Thank you for choosing Banner Bank.

CEO: Mark J Grescovich
Wire Transfer Director
Banner Bank
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