Chief Financial Officer.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “www”

Chief Financial Officer.
HSBC Bank New York
26 Broadway, New York,
NY 10004, USA.
Tel: +1 (347) 442-7638

Dear Beneficiary,
RE: PAYMENT CODE No: xx017218

I have been instructed this day by the UN/IMF/ World Bank Groups Compensation Committee unit in New York to process your payment for re positioning and uploading into HSBC VISA credit/ATM card. The approved $500,000.00 USD will be uploaded and customized in your name and delivered to your address.

By Monday, 5th of March 2017, this card would have been ready and a sample of it attached within your email to peruse. There and then, the delivery requirement and all details will be made available for your perusal and considerations.

Meanwhile, when you receive this card, you can download cash from your card across the counter in your local bank without hassles.

You can also use your ATM/VISA card in any of the following:

1. Automated Teller Machines ATMs
2. Point of Sale Terminals POSs
3. E-commerce Sites on the Interswitch Network.
4. E-commerce Sites on the E-Gold Network.

This card will be globally acceptable and valid for 3 years and renewed at the point of expiry

Jones Mathew