Scam Victim

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Beneficiary,

Yes your Name has been Approved on a Scam Victim List to be Compensated.

I bring this to your notice to know that the UN / IMF Authorities has finally Approved (USD$5,000,000.00) as a scam victim compensation in your name which can be payable in any bank in your country; Please, reconfirm your Info to us. So that I may be sure is you. Reconfirm this information so that I will not make any mistake in the process of claim.

You are to provide as follows:

Your Full Name:
Your Home Address:
Yours Office Address:
Direct Telephone Number:
Age and Occupation:
A copy of your Drivers License/International Passport:

l wait to hear from you to enable me quickly proceed and forward your Data to our Correspondent Payment Bank.

Best Regards,

Mr Philip Ezeson