Employment opportunities,

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Employment opportunities in CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL NEW YORK.The management of crowne plaza Hotels America need new workers, who have the interest to live and work in American which careers suite into this work categories,Stewards, nurses,Technicians, Drivers , comedians and Entertainers, models, actors, dancers, medical doctor, Artisans, engineers, cleaners,washers, securities, Club Bouncers, Catering supervisor, Cooks, Receptionist, Food & Beverage Management, Store Keeper,Computer Engineering,professional massage,Professional Chauffeurs, professional beauticians, professional Gardener and florist, Gym and exercise instructors,Nannies / Child care. so if you are interested you can contact us via this below e-mail address link with your C.V.  Our hotel management is responsible for hisher Air-ticket, Accommodation and feeding when you arrive here to work with us.
E-MAIL- crowneplazahotel.recruiting@zoho.comPHONE– 001-347-708-0008ADDRESS- No -1605 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 EUA

With your CV. We will also help in processing all your documents through the United State of American Embassy. And it will be well informed to them that you are visiting America with our acceptance and confirmation. if you consider this great opportunity which the Management of CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL NEW YORK are giving globally, you should contact the E-mail address link with your c.v.We 
look forward for your prompt reply.Good luck,Personnel manager.