Dear Valued Customer,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: Diamond Bank Plc

Diamond Bank Plc Benin Republic
Address: Rue 308 Reverend Père Colineau
Ganhi 01 BP 955 Cotonou, Bénin

Dear Valued Customer,

This is Rich Raymond, the new appointed managing Director of the Diamond Bank Plc Benin Republic, I started work at Office this week as the new appointed managing director and all I need right now is your attention and urgent respond because of the reports and records updated on files of your total funds transaction for confiscation and diversion into the Government reserve account as unclaimed funds after the all fee payments you have made just because of you cannot pay a re-activation fee, and I have to sign the paperwork for the confiscation and diversion on Monday according to the instructions of scheduled and official scheme of our 2018 banking works, therefore; I have to update all the customers and foreign beneficiaries on their contracts before signing the cancellation for diversions.

Meanwhile; I am hereby telling you that the hour of your total funds cancellation will comes up on Monday if I don’t hear from you within now till 10 am (WAT) our local time here on Monday, which I want you to kindly think wisely and get back to me immediately after you read this message because I find all the errors and problems that delaying you to receive your fund since due to past corrupted officials at reign of the former director and he was sacked because of many petitions on his behave from many customers and foreign beneficiaries like you.

Therefore; we the Diamond Bank at this branch telling you that we are real sorry of all the inconvenience you mighty witnessed in the past with former director for the time being International Monetary Fund IMF have sacked him and stopped further payment through bank to bank transfer due to contractors numerous petitions to United Nations against wire transfer on wrong requirements from the former director reigns for security reason of the fund until you get back to me now for your fund fund payment final release to you by ATM Visa Card, online bank or Cash Payment via diplomatic service.

And furthermore; please get back to me now because your fund is final ready for release to you by Cash Payment via Diplomatic Service, online bank or ATM Visa Card within now till the Monday and deliver to your collection without any expensive or delays again, so I want you to wisely get back to me soon as possible immediately after once you read this message now because you still have this opportunity and last chance to receive your total fund by ATM Visa Card, online bank or Cash Payment via diplomatic service once you get back to me now and noted: that everything is under my control now, which I have got everything ready for you and I will make sure that you receive your fund successful because it’s so painful and am not happy on your records that you paid such much fees and still not receive your fund funds just because of re-activation fee. Am so sorry dear, am here to help you now and everything will works out perfectly once you get back to me and chose how to receive the fund freely this time from these options: (1) ATM VISA CARD PAYMENT (2) CASH PAYMENT via Diplomatic Service (3) ONLINE BANK.

You can chose out your choice from the payment options, then you confidential get back to me for the good news as am waiting for your urgent respond soon.

Yours In Service

Rich Raymond
Executive Managing Director Diamond Bank Plc Benin Republic
Tel: +229 66-04-88-58