Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: michealthompson

We are here to inform you that a package was sent to us here in our office in your name containing different type of items to be sent to you but the issue here is that one Mr. Michael Gabriel came to our office claiming that you sent him to come and claim it. And after some investigation we found out that his claims are suspicious. So dear, we want to know if you know someone by such identity.
From verification, we come to understand why Mr. Michael Gabriel is struggling to receive the package. Because the package contain a new brand Peugeot product, three apple laptop, three iphone 8, a brand power bike and the sum of $2.5million dollars.
So, if you do not know such a person please, kindly forward your full information to us immediately in this manner:
Your full name——Country—————
City———————Home address——-
Marital status——–Tele number———
NOTE: That after 48hours you received this message without complying, the package will be returned back to the sender. THANKS.
Yours in service,
Mr. Larry Kane.