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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

I work with Standard Chartered Bank Dubai. Someone with a similar name
to yours who wishes to remain anonymous setup a blind trust the bank
in 2011. It is worth $25M and we have tried to contact him using the
information at our disposal. The above amount is currently lodged in a
non-interest bearing account with the bank in Dubai.
We have the mandate of the Settlor/Trustor (who wishes to remain
anonymous) to take custody of the fund if we do not hear from him by a
certain time. That time is now and it is important you cooperate with
me to receive the funds else the bank will take it. I will not provide
any further information until you complete a confidentiality
agreement. If you are ready to proceed let me know so I can send the
confidentiality agreement for signing. I will also attach my ID with
the agreement for verification purposes. Email Vi:

Thomas Barkley