Dear Friend

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “elisbETH.”

Dear Friend

(United nation and IMF) has finalize some of the necessary arrangement and your compensation
Fund $950,000.00 has been approve by the board of directors UNITED NATION,Contact Office of release
order through their information below for the transfer of your Compensation fund

Note, your payment files will be returned back to the UNITED NATION And IMF within 72 hours
if they did not hear from you,

Full Name: ==
Country: ====
Phone: =====
City: =======
Address: ====
Age: =======
Sex: ======
Copy of your identity

Office of release order:
Contact person:Mr.Ledum Bruno
+229 666 053 27

Mrs.Maria Elisbeth
Announcement Officer