Dear Confidant

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Confidant

My name is ROBERT GILLESPIE, a professional engineer who is interested
in establishing some capital investments within and outside our
country,but with your assistance and expertise.We would be happy to
work with your esteemed person or company in this capacity

I shall offer you more details when I am in receipt of your
acceptance/consent email.I shall also let you know the following

* How I will introduce you/your company to the holding Ministry and
make you the beneficiary of the funds.
* Who I am and why I have decided to sought for your assistance.
*What percentage of the money I am willing to give you for your assistance.

Kindly respond with your private phone and fax numbers for easier and
faster communication.We would appreciate if you send a positive
response to us, to enable us send you full details of the contract