Contact Mr. Mike Ogwe now.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear friend,

We have successfully transferred the fund out of Benin Republic under the cooperation of a new partner from India. Now contact Mr. Mike Ogwe and send him your full names, mailing address and your contact telephone numbers for a direct communication with him.
Mr. Mike Ogwe, email address: ( And ask him to send you the sum of one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($1,250,000.00) certified bank draft which I raised as your surprise reward after the successful transfer and sharing of the fund. I did this simply to show you that I am real and it is good to do good things to the right people and also to prove you wrong for disbelieving me. So, get in touch with Mr. Mike Ogwe and let me know immediately you receive it for us to share the joy. I’m very busy here with investment projects which I am having at hands here.


Hon. Barrister B. Williams