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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Hello Dear

My name is Barrister Benjamin Ezeife,a renowned Togo based
solicitors. I am writing in connection to My late client ,who
bears the same surname with you and left the sum of Ten million five
hundred thousand United States dollars($10,500,000) in a bank before
his death. I contacted you to seek your consent to present you to the
bank as a heir to my late client to enable the transfer of this fund
transfer to you. I would enlighten you on more details and
clarifications when i get positive response from you.

Barrister Benjamin Ezeife .(Esq)
Principal Attorney of Dominion Associates
Chambers Barristers & Solicitors
Public Notary Lome-TOGO West Africa
Contact Phone.+228 99793155
Email (benjaminezeife1@gmail.com)