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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Mr. Friend,

I decided to communicate to you with my personal email id, for the
sake of confidentiality of this transaction. Comprehensively

Some time ago, there had been a deposit worth Eighteen Million USD
(US$18,000,000.00) in cash for safe-keeping with Vulga Security
Company by Mohamed Hassan from Libya. I do work at Vulga Security as
a clerk, so that is why I have access to this information.

And the fund deposit was made without any next of kin while this
offers us the opportunity of having the fund transferred to you as the
sole Beneficiary. Though, the fund was originally deposited by Mr.
Mohamed Hassan. We have tried to locate or contact Mr. Mohamed Hassan
but with no avail.

Mohamed told us that he is a revolutionary fighter. Now I have solid
information that he had been killed in the battle for liberating

I know that if he do not show up or withdraw the fund within a short
time, the management of Security Company will surely confiscate the
fund and share it among them. That is the reason I am contacting you
so that we will have the fund transferred to your account rather than
have the Security Company management confiscate the fund.

This transaction is 100% real and there is no risk involved. It is my
desire to release the fund to you though we have to share the fund as
follows, 60% to me while 40% will go to you, and if you accept the
offer then I will be expecting your urgent and sincere response
through my mail:

Mr.Frank Sibanda