Attn Dear fund owner !!!

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Attn Dear fund owner !!!

This is to bring to your notice about a sudden information i received yesterday evening the cancellation and diversion of your pending fund as ordered by the U.S Treasury Department and IRS .

They have me till the last day of this very month for us to cancel and close all the contract payment fund accounts and then return all the approved payment files to the U.S. IRS . I want you to know that your name appear in the list of names they bring to us just because of your delay in finalization your transaction.

Now i wish to know your faith over this fund , are you still interested over this fund or should we go ahead and cancel your fund and return the payment file to the IRS as the U.S Treasury Department ordered to us over all unfinished contract payments. Try to get back to us today even if you are no longer interested so we can close this matter once and for all as we have waited for you so long to do as you previously promised but no answer till now from you.

I want you to answer me back now and if possible try and give me a call or Text today on +12027695955

Yours truly,
Mr.Rex Tillerson
United States Secretary of State

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