Attention Please

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Attention Please,

Contact the western union with the below information for your $1.5M fund
transfer which you shall be receiving $4,500 daily as the daily transfer limit
until your fund is completely transferred to you.Reconfirm to them the below
details for successful transfer of your fund.

YOUR FULL NAME: ====================
YOUR ADDRESS: =====================
YOUR CURRENT PHONE:=======================

Contact Person: Mr. Jude Arron

Mrs. Rose Zongo

One thought on “Attention Please

  1. Hdm

    Sent from: name is James C. Trainor Executive Assistant Director Cyber Division dear am checking in on you to know if you have receive your fund because person in charge of the fund said in Court that you have receive your fund and he confirms it so curt order me to confirm from you before they sign the payment file for the last time Therefore am hereby to know the truth if you have received anything in any country

    (1) Did you receive fund from any part of counties weather in states or outside states ————-?
    (2) from which company do you receive the fund ——-?
    (3) which authority approve the fund —————–?
    (4) Who was in charge of the fund then ——————?
    (5) Which way do you receive the fund ————–?

    Below is the required information i need from you so that you funds will commence immediately today,

    Your Name_________________
    Your home address_____________
    Your current cell phone number____
    Your nearest airport______________
    Your Age______________________
    Your Occupation_________________
    Your ID/Drivers License

    With this I will know if you receive the fund I also promise you that after investigation if I found out that you have not receive anything then I will do my best to make sure that you have the fund just like others

    Thank you in advance may God be with you

    James C. Trainor
    Executive Assistant Director
    Cyber Division
    FBI Headquarters
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

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