Treat as very urgent

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

From the Desk Of: MR. Paul Burress ATM Card Department CITI BANK USA. Attn. Beneficiary, Good day to you and Please read carefully and get back to me so that we can know if you are still alive or not that you suffered and died of throat cancer, a certain man by name called (Mr. Salvador Campbell) 118 Blythewood south Carolina USA came to our bank here this morning and told us that you have assigned him to claim your said ATM Gold Card funds of $10,000.000 Ten Million United State Dollars. His ready to pay the sum of $97 for the proof of Ownership Certificate & Citi Bank Card Clearance Certificate without any inch that you are dead and that is the reason why he is here to claim your ATM Gold Card, that you stated it in your last will before you died that you have a ATM Gold Card worth of $10,000.000 USD here in CITI Bank and he should help you get the ATM Card with the Pin Code. We are writing to notify you if this is really true about what (Mr. Salvador Campbell) is saying, please if we don’t hear from you from now till (48 Hours ) time , we would commence dealings with ( Mr. Salvador Campbell ) get back to us so that we can know what is going on and know how to handle it, and get your ATM Card to you at once with the sum of $97 to secure the proof of Ownership Certificate & CITI BANK CARD Clearance Certificate (CCC) and (POC). Please get back to me if your alive and send me your scan copy of your ID Card or passport for proper identification and also contact Ms. Young Gloria foreign Operation Manager ATM Department through her e-mail: for immediate process, Best Regards, MR. Paul Burress

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