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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

My Dear,
I hope all is well? Indeed I am very sorry for distracting your
attention .I am Barrister John Adama,a personal attorney to Late
Engr .B.J., national of your country, who died in a fatal car
accident and left some huge amount of money with a bank here in Africa
valued at US$ 5.5 million dollars and I have contacted you to assist
me and get it transferred into your bank account.

I contacted you because you bear the same Surname with my late
client,(blessed memory)and you can lay claims to this huge
amount he left behind as one his relations.

I wish to confirm to you that this transaction is legitimate and in
essence, it will undergo normal procedures as stipulated in the finance
and allied matters act and all legal documents will be issued in your

I have every proof in terms of documentations that are relevant to
this claim and what you need to do is to send an application of claim
to the bank as my late client’s relative and back up our claim with
these proves of inheritance. I have no doubt that the bank will not
hesitate to grant our request because the documents are here.

My late client .may or may not be related to you but since
you bear the same surnames it will make it easy for us to claim the
money from the bank. I have searched for any relation of his since
over the years without success and the bank has advised me to get my
late client’s relatives or lose the fund as unclaimed deposit.

I did not mastermind my client’s death and I did not operate or manage
his account but I was his personal attorney so was privy to his
transaction with the bank.

I have in my possession the death certificate and other relevant
documents that are required for the claim. I will send to you a draft
application letter which you will send to the bank as the beneficiary
of the estate foran urgent approval. I will forward the death
certificate to you now

For more information’s, kindly reply me on my private
e-mail:( )

1) Full Name………………
2) Your Email………………
3) Your Age…………………
4) Your Telephone Number……..
5) Your Occupation…………..
Best Regards
Barrister John Adama(Esq).

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