Dora Dadah

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Greetings Dear ,
I am Dora Dadah 20 years old, a Libyan citizen, presently
residing in refugee camp Ghana. My father was killed at Tripoli and
his business office burnt down because of his closeness to President
Mummar Gaddafi. The President tried all he could to make peace with
the rebel groups but their demand is that president Gaddafi must be
forced to step down, which is not democratic in culture. President
Gaddafi is a peace loving person, as has pleaded that there be in
place a transition committee that will see to the conduct of an
election that will usher in an elected candidate but the opposition
rejected the call and vowed to force the president out. If the
opposition thinks that they are popular, they would have accepted to
have a transition committee and general election will be conducted and
let us who is popular.

Anyway, let me not take your time with the situation in Libya as my
family is mostly affected. I lost my father, his business in Tripoli
and most of the family?s asset because they said that my father is too
close to President Gaddafi. Well, in any case, I still thank Allah for
his mercy, as I was able to take away some document contained 10.5
Million of money which my late father deposited in Halifax bank
in UK. I want you to help me claim the fund from the Halifax bank UK
as they demand that i should provide a foreign partner to help me
because of my age and my refugee status that why i contacted you and
will like you to response so that i can forward you every contact of
the Halifax bank UK so you can contact them to know the possibility
of transferring this money to your account on my behalf as we all are
aware that the war still continues in Libya and I cannot risky
I will like to get your urgent response to enable me forward you all the
document of the fund and also bank contact for you to contact them to
know the possibility of transferring this fund to your care on my
behalf because of my refuge status
Thanks for your understanding my situation.
Dora Dadah

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