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PO Box 227,
Clinch’s House, Lord Street,
Douglas, IM99 1RZ, Isle of Man
Fax/Tel: (+1) 760-660 6993
We would like to congratulate you on your success in the official publication of the results by e-mail electronic online lottery organized by the state of Virginia USA, Your fund has finally been approved for transfer by the US government lottery monitoring device. Your fund will be transfer to you via MasterCard ATM / Bank Draft is cashable worldwide.
Confirmation Number: 2015EU / 445NO701
Tickets No: / 201Ref11 / 94202/68
Kontinent: Europa You are among those randomly selected as a winner in ilotto promotion, you have a reason to celebrate, as one of the largest official winner in 40 ilotto promot program in Arlington, VA USA. Watch for confirmation number included in this letter as a check on status.

The total amount won worldwide ($ 7,347,200,000.00)
You won ($ 1,570,000.00) in the last category.

The lucky winning number (02) – (23) – (30) – (26) – (42) All e-mail addresses are automatically selected by the US lottery board. All e-mail addresses from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. Visit our website for more information or send an e-mail
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Peterson Godwin
Tel / Fax (1) 760 660 6993 Note: Your name will be stamped as soon as it is confirmed by the US government.
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