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Hello Dear Friend,

Good Day Friend

It is my pleasure to contact you for the Investment project i intend to establish in your country with you for you to source for viable good business opportunities in your Country or any country of your choice where one can invest an enormous amount of money. I got your contact amongst others from an internet consultant and was inspired to seek your co-operation. I do not intend to contact anyother person until i receive a confirmation that you cannot assist.and I am coming with the best of intentions and will be of our famliy mutual benefit.

I am Abdulrahman Ibrahim. I am writing to solicit your assistance to secure the funds that are already on its way by UN diplomatic means to your country for investment into a profitable venture been of my good intention to invest or form a joint partnership business with you in your country. The fund in question is in $100 bills and stashed in some trunk boxes and was shipped out from its present location through a diplomatic means by under UN Cargo and they are not aware of the real content of the boxes for security reasons.

I am interested in investing in profitable projects in any viable sector in your country.The boxes are already on its way to your country and under the custody of one of their Terminal staff .I am looking For your legal assistance hand to receive the funds been my direct partner for investments in your country. However if you are willing to work with me I am waiting patiently to hear from you because I have no particular preferences,but I am interested in the clothing,Oil&Gas firm, agricultural,Real Estate,Hospital&Baby Centre, Dental Clinic ,Shiiping Company as well as the energy and resources sectors among others.I will also study any other investments propositions you may have outside these sectors.

I am look forward in receiving your investment propositions in order to study them and if I find them worthwhile and viable it will be highly discuss and concretize our eventual collaboration perfectly and legal. Therefore contact me for further directives since we both are prepared to do business pending your approach towards this business relationship.

I am looking for your reply in at a situation where you will receive the financing funds for the investment as you will provide good profitable projects and you will manage the projects on a joint venture profit sharing basis unless if you have other mutually beneficial ropositions then I am waiting your response along with the above details as we all share a common desire to live a fulfilling life. Thank you

Abdulrahman Ibrahim

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