Are you still alive

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

The Office Dr. Makan Davis,
Ecowas Financial Controller
7th Floor Ecowas Building
Lome, Togo.
Tel / +228 97 04 9797
Email /


We have received a file from one Mr. William Mike,of Federal Bureau of
Investigation.And after our verifications we found out that the funds
belong to Doyle.

Well,we do not know if you are death or alive but if you are still
alive and sure you are the original owner of this fund with Ecobank,
Lome-TOGO, I will proceed to release the funds to you,but I would like
to ask you some questions for me to ascertain if you are the rightful

1) I want you to forward your passport copy to verify if the same with
the one in the file.
2) Again I want you to mention the said amount since you said it is
yours, to enable me know if it’s the exact amount or another amount is
3) Thirdly, I would like you to forward any document within your reach
that may confirm from your side to ensure this fund did not ends in
wrong in persons hand.

As soon as I received those items and confirm that you are the
original owner of the funds, I will then proceed in releasing your
funds to you as the owner.

I am looking forward for your urgent reply,

Best regards,
Dr. Makan Davis.

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