Am Expecting Your Email:

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Good day,
My name is Sheikh Salem Ahmed, I worked as manager overseeing the distribution of imported materials to the late Mr. Akihiko Saito, who suffered casualty and died during the Iraq crisis. I am writing this personal letter to request your business cooperation.
This matter is in regards to Mr. Akihiko Saito, Japanese, who was a diplomat and a former member of the French Foreign Legion who worked for Hart Security Ltd., and an oil contractor with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company  [ADNOC]. He was awarded a huge contract by ADNOC for the supply of oil drilling equipment. He received a part of the contract sum as mobilization when the contract award was approved, he executed the contract but when during the final stage he ran into serious trouble with the militants. SEE EXTRACT: Scroll down to see his profile.
He was subsequently killed on the 9th of May 2005.
I worked for Mr. Akihiko Saito, as a manager overseeing the distribution of imported materials. I am an Oman citizen and was very close to Mr. Akihiko, as I assisted him in communication and others during the process of the contract award. I ensured that a certain balance of the contract payment was secured accordingly and deposited with a private security company in UK. I have the original copies of all the contract documents and I will send them to you for your perusal as soon as you confirm the receipt of this email.
The wife of the late contractor is not in good health and she has given me approval for the process I am about to take. She has guaranteed the process of securing offshore investment in their interest and she does not want the brother of the late contractor to be aware of the deal as all her husbands’ assets are willed to her and her children. This is the primary reason why we have to keep this business confidential. Mr. Hironobu Saito is a brother to Mr. Akihiko Saito but in the late contractors “will”, there is no mention of the name of Mr. Hironobu Saito, rather all assets are willed to Wife of late contractor and her little children.
I want you to assist to secure the above money (The amount will be disclosed when I receive a positive response from you) in a reliable bank account for investment whereas the remaining bulk sum is still been held in Parex bank would be an issue of later discussion since it was deposited with Parex Bank with a specified maturity Date. All the original documents regarding the said contract are in my possession and will be forwarded to you accordingly. A letter of authority would be issued in your favor by the next of kin that would authorize you to receive the Investment Capital.
You shall make immediate arrangement to hold a meeting with me to proceed with claiming the Investment Capital and transferring it to your reliable account through the help of some financial experts in UK. As soon as I receive a response from you, I shall send you the entire contract papers for your perusal. Below is the family’s specification for your consideration: –
1] Investment capital (a large sum in millions) will be communicated.
2] Areas of interest are Real Estates, Industries, Fisheries, Transports and Hotels
3] Shares are subject to negotiations. Take note that this transaction is 100% legitimate and risk free. You shall be compensated for assisting to secure the funds for investment purposes.
Please ensure that this matter is kept strictly confidential.
Thanks for honoring this invitation. Expecting your email
Sheikh Salem Ahmed


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