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We created ScamLetters.info with a desire to make the Internet a bit better.

Our database contains thousands of phishing and scam emails that are used to steal personal information, money or gain any other advantage in a fraudulent manner. Use it to avoid being scammed.

You can also report a scam email via our special form here.

What is a scam?

Scam email is a letter which misrepresents the truth in order to deceive the recepient. There are many kinds of scam letters:

  • Nigerian (419) scam
  • Lottery scam
  • Dating love scam
  • Phishing scam
  • Subscription scam
  • Advance-fee scam

Even though there are so many of them, do not let this diversity confuse you. All these scams have one and the same goal: steal you money and your personal information.

New forms of scam emails appear on a regular basis, so we are working hard to keep our scam letters database up to date. You can contribute, too, by reporting scam emails via our short form.

All emails presented in our database are either submitted by our visitors, or grabbed automatically by our AI scam baiting system. We therefore do not take any responsibility for any content posted on this website, nor for any probable false detections, nor for any external links that might appear in the messages.